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The Challenge:managed services

How to enable customers to reduce overall IT support costs and significantly improve visibility into the performance of the IT infrastructure.

Our Solution:

Predictable, business-focused IT services to optimise operations, manage risk and deliver measurable business value.

With iT&C Managed Services, the focus becomes preventing issues, rather than fixing them after they have already cost you down-time - wasting staffing expenses and reducing profits.

Managing infrastructure - effectively - means a lot more than ensuring availability. Multiple metrics and performance attributes need to be monitored so that the "end-user experience" is consistently high.

iT&C Managed Services can provide you with:

• A true IT strategic partnership.
• A comprehensive solution to manage devices, network, users, desktops, security and data.
• Structured response and maintenance agreements.
• A refreshing approach to IT management, built on preventing down-time.
• Reduced costs and clear ROI.
• Significantly reduced down-time with 24x7 proactive monitoring and management.
• Predictable monthly fees, backed by restoration SLAs.
• Access to highly skilled technical resources.
• Visibility of how your IT infrastructure is performing.
• Regular reporting and recommendations.

Unpredictable IT costs can place a large burden on businesses. You may have been fortunate enough not to have had a significant failure in your business to date, however, if at some point you do have a large failure such as a server crash, email outage, or even significant loss of internal data, how much would this down-time cost you?

A good way to examine how much this downtime can cost, for a service-based business eg. accounting, legal, etc., is to calculate the hourly billing rate and the number of employees that rely on your network to perform their daily operations and use this figure to calculate what 1 hour of downtime would cost your business in addition to billable revenue. For sales-based businesses, the calculation is difficult, as losing just 1 order can be very expensive, plus the hourly wages bill for all employees affected, plus the budgeted sales revenue.


"We are currently operating in a 'break-fix' IT support arrangement, I think it is working okay. Why change?"

We are more than happy to respond to your call and attend on-site when you have a problem, but we are confident that we can offer you a higher level of service and provide you with a better return on your IT investment. You may not realise the impact of break-fix style of IT support, but this form of support can be far more expensive than your actual invoiced support costs.

Example IT Support Scenarios

The 'Traditional' Break-Fix Solution:
1. A staff member has an IT issue which prevents normal income-generating activities for that person.
2. They ask another staff member for some help; there are now 2 staff not working.
3. When the problem can’t be resolved, additional personnel may need to be consulted to escalate the issue, potentially requiring an open-ended expense approval.
4. They continue to try and fix the issue; there are now potentially 3 staff no longer focused on their primary role.
5. Somebody rings the IT support provider and makes an appointment to visit on-site or investigate the problem remotely .
6. When they respond to the issue, you and your staff try to explain the problem, however without pre-emptive error-logging already in place, the problem may be difficult to troubleshoot and take longer.
7. IT support fixes the issue, by this stage, some staff members have already lost hours of productivity.

When you receive your bill, you look at the cost of bill which is a 'hard' cost, but really, how much did the issue cost, when you include the loss of hours from staff productivity and lost sales due to downtime?

The Managed Services Solution:
The computers and networks are monitored and maintained 24/7 and many technical issues will be resolved quickly or prevented without involving users or down-time.

1. For user-related issues, eg. 'I can only see the last 7 days' email', a support process is initiated. They pick up the phone and call the help desk or create a support ticket right from their desktop.
2. The Managed Services team helps fix the problem over the phone, eg. 'This is how you change the settings in your email client to show all messages'. If the problem is more difficult/involved, the computer will be accessed remotely, without requiring user intervention, to be resolved faster than if we were physically on site.

Problem fixed - your staff member is working again. The key differences are preventative/active maintenance, less incidents, life-cycle planning, increased up-time, faster incident resolution time, reduced overall cost and that only one staff member is involved in single-user support issues.


"I have already spent a lot of money building my network. I don’t want to spend more on IT."

This is a fair statement. We understand that in this current economic climate, businesses need to evaluate the level of resources allocated to IT support. However, for example, if you purchased a new car, just because it is new, it does not mean that you would not perform routine maintenance required to keep it running at optimum levels. As with a new car purchase, you want your IT network to continue to function reliably and stable. Failing to perform routine services or create a plan around life-cycle management will lead to unpredictable failure.

iT&C Managed Services will ensure this is the case - our Network Monitoring, Scheduled Maintenance and response rate will make certain that once you have subscribed to one of our plans, you will see the financial benefits of adopting a managed services program into your business.


Feature Comparison Matrix (at-a-glance):




Monitoring cross tick tick
Security Patch Assurance cross tick tick
Antivirus License & Assurance cross tick tick
Weekly Preventative Maintenance cross cross tick
Automatic Fault Remediation cross cross tick
Proactive Servicing cross cross tick
Smartphone Management cross tick tick
Mobile User Management cross tick tick
Automated Auditing cross tick tick
Reporting cross tick tick
Faster Fault Resolution cross tick tick
Enhanced Employee Productivity cross cross tick
Reduced Downtime cross tick tick
Lowest Downtime cross cross tick
Reduced Labour Rate for Other Services cross tick tick
Further Reduced Rate for Other Services cross cross tick
Predictable Monthly Costs cross cross tick