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For customers without existing support plans who require remote support, please select the operating system that your computer is running from the following list:





Apple OSX


[Install iT&C Agent] (only install if requested by customer service.)

[Install 24/7 Access] (only install if requested by customer service.)



During any service, the loss of data (information, software, settings) can occur in unpreventable and unforeseen ways. The actual process of testing, identifying & rectifying a fault can lead to loss of data and settings, for example, if there is virus present, simply turning on the item could cause (further) damage or loss of data; similarly, if the hard disk is faulty, simply turning on the item could cause loss or damage to data. iT&C will take all possible due care during service, to preserve your data, however, the owner(s) of the equipment are totally and wholly responsible for the backing-up of any data prior to any service. iT&C will under no circumstances bear responsibility for lost data of any kind.

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